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Tuesday Trivia: ‘Round the World

February 23, 2010

A while back, my friend Kori introduced to the fun that can be had with a stack of question cards. Thanks to her, I bought a box of Travel Topics To Go for a random road trip. Turns out I didn’t use them on that road trip. Since then, the poor little question cards have been sitting around the house gathering dust.

Well, they’ll gather dust no longer. I’m going to use them to help me fend off the dreaded writer’s block.

So, here we go. Tuesday Trivia.

This week’s question is: “Who would you want to be your partner in a race around the world?”

This is an easy one. I’ve already made my “Amazing Race” list, and my best friend Lucia is at the top of the list. With years of friendship between us, we’ve only ever fought about as often as I can count on one hand, if that often. And if I’m going to race around the world, then I want to do so with someone with whom I get along so well.


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