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Tuesday Trivia: Getting There Is Half the Fun

March 30, 2010

What’s your favorite memory of childhood vacations?*

Growing up, we did not have a lot of money, so vacations were not elaborate affairs. Plus, since I’m a divorce brat, part of my summers and other school breaks were dedicated to visiting my Grandma Mary Lou, Pappy and assorted relatives on the other side of the family.

Consequently, a lot of summers were spent playing in the backyard, helping out in Grandma Mary Lou’s grocery store, daydreaming at the library and, when we moved to Maine, working in the family Bed & Breakfast.

One year though, when we lived in Kansas, my Mom and Dranny (my Mom’s mom) surprised me and my brother (aka Scumpuppy, my loving – no, really! – nickname for him) with a trip to Silver Dollar City. This trip stands out for a few reasons. But the best part of the story isn’t necessarily the trip itself. (though it was pretty cool.) The best par was the way my Mom and Dranny told us we were going.

During the summers, we spent countless hours in Dranny’s backyard pool. She’d sit on her pool lounger, glass of wine in hand, and Scumpuppy and I would push her around the pool while we imagined we were going to different places.

For example, one of us would suggest going to the zoo. So we’d swim half way across the shallow end. Then the other would recommend we go to Australia, and we’d swim to the far end of the deep end. The whole time, we’d imagine what kinds of things we’d see and do. A great use of our imaginations and, for Dranny, a great way to keep us busy.

One evening, Mom was sitting on the deck. Scumpuppy and I were pushing Dranny from location to location on her pool lounger. Dranny suggested we go to Silver Dollar City. Scumpuppy and I briefly debated how far of a trip this would be and what we would do there.

Before we could start swimming from the deep end back to the shallow end, Mom interrupted and asked what we would think of really going to Silver Dollar City. We, of course, said it would be fun and wouldn’t it be great if we could go (or something to that effect).

Well, turns out Dranny’s suggestions was a ruse, and we really were going to go to Silver Dollar City.

Mom and Dranny love this story. Apparently, when Scumpuppy and I figured out they were serious about taking us to Silver Dollar City, we had some really great reactions that included stupefied looks and slack jaws. Flattering, no?

The trip to Silver Dollar City itself was great too. In fact, I still have my Silver Dollar City coffee mug souvenir.

And, in case you’re wondering…

Yes. My Dranny had a great racket going. Sitting in a pool lounger with a glass of wine while the grandkids pushed her around the pool? Yeesh. Clearly, my grandmas were trading notes on how to con the grandkids into doing work while thinking it was fun. Or maybe that’s just a talent all grandmas have.

*The source of Tuesday Trivia is my set of “Travel Topics To Go” cards. Learn more.

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