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Tuesday Trivia: On tour this summer?

April 6, 2010

Which band would you tour with for one month?*

This is easy.

Kenny Chesney.

I am not a super crazed fan of just about any band or musician. It’s just not my style.

But when I heard Kenny Chesney wouldn’t be staging a full-blown tour this year I was disappointed. I’ve had the good luck to see him in concert three years in a row. If I’m going to make it four years in a row, it looks like I’ll have to travel to Las Vegas or Baton Rouge. What a hardship, right?

Anywhozit… I pick Kenny Chesney because it seems as though it would just be fun, and I like a lot of his music. Plus, who wouldn’t want to tour with a performer who thanks his crew by taking them to the Bahamas?

Speaking of which, if my one month of touring with Kenny Chesney happened to overlap with the trip to the Bahamas, I sure wouldn’t cry.

Even better, if someone could arrange for Josh Turner and Billy Currington to be on tour with Kenny too, that’d be awesome.

Now, until this fantasy concert tour can be arranged, I think I have a Vegas trip to plan.

*The source of Tuesday Trivia is my set of “Travel Topics To Go” cards. Learn more.

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