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Tuesday Trivia: Home again. Now what’s for dinner?

April 13, 2010

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?*

First thing? I drop my luggage and bags near the door.

Second thing? I holler to see if my cat Banjo will acknowledge my existence when I come in the door. So far, not so much. She waits for me to come to her. Typical cat.

Third thing? I go to the fridge, hoping and praying that something easy to eat and/or drink will materialize miraculously without any further effort on my part. Oddly enough, this is about as likely to happen as Banjo is to acknowledge my existence.

Failing on this third count of homecoming, I typically lean against the fridge door, stare into the fridge’s innards imploringly. Still, no results.

At that point, I give up. I grab the bread, the block of cheddar and some hummus along with the gallon of milk that’s almost always in the fridge. From there, I make myself a open-faced grilled cheese sandwich using my toaster oven and slather it all with some hummus.

And don’t tell my Mom, but I drink the first gulp or two of milk straight from the carton. Because, let’s be honest, if I’ve been standing in front of a fridge imploring it to cough up a ready-made, no-work-required, post-trip meal or snack, did you really think I was going to have the energy to get a glass for my milk right away?

Yeah. Not so much.

*The source of Tuesday Trivia is my set of “Travel Topics To Go” cards. Learn more.

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