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Tuesday Trivia: Starbucks

April 20, 2010

Actually, the headline should read: “Tuesday Trivia Tirade.”

This isn’t much of “tirade” per se, but I do feel the need to address in a public forum some comments that have been made recently regarding my drinking habits. Apparently, it has been noted that I have a serious Starbucks habit.

The comments started, originally, with my parents who expressed concern for the financial revenue of my local Starbucks when I went on an extended vacation. They may have been joking, but I doubt it.

More recently, some folks have recommended that I be a spokesperson. Others have asked if I own shares. Thanks to the comment of one friend (Courtney in St. Louis, I’m looking at you), I’m trying to figure out the options for hiring a personal barista to be on hand when Starbucks is too far away for one reason or another.

And then there are the people who really care about me and who have made sure that certain outings have included stops at Starbucks. These people deserve gold stars so far as I’m concerned. Granted, their offers to stop at Starbucks have been a matter of self-preservation on their part. Me minus caffeine is not a pretty situation in which to find yourself.

Add to all of this the fact that I do much of my writing while sitting in Starbucks (like right about now), and you have what may well be considered a full-fledge fan of Starbucks.

Now, I’m betting some of you curling your noses at my Starbucks affinity. You might say there’s better coffee elsewhere or whatever it is that your complaint is with Starbucks. To that, I say: “Whatever. Give me my venti quad peppermint mocha right now, and no one gets hurt.”

If you’ve known me long enough though, you’ll know Starbucks wasn’t my first beverage habit.

Coke was and always will be my first true love in the caffeinated beverage realm.

When I could drink as many Cokes as I wanted without worrying about calories, I could and would drink about nine or 10 cans a day. (if you’re wondering about my dental health, i’ve only had one cavity in my entire life. so there!)

At one of my first jobs, my boss and coworkers were so used to never seeing me without a can of Coke in hand that, if I came to a meeting without a Coke, they would ask if I needed a minute to run and get one before we started the meeting.

And I would.

Later in my career, a coworker would wait to talk to me until she heard me pop the top on my second Coke. Sometimes she’d wait for the third one. Again, this was likely a matter of self-preservation on her part. If so, it was much appreciated.

So, yes. I drink a lot of Starbucks and I’ve had more than my fair share of Coca-Cola.

But I can’t be alone in this. What about you?

You may not have a Starbucks or Coke habit, but I’m willing to bet more than one of you has a similar food or beverage quirk. If so, now’s the time to spill the beans. We’ll form a fan club in homage to our dedication.

**I hate it when I find typos after the fact. I saw some today (april 21) and had to fix ’em. Who wants to lay odds that I didn’t find them all? =)

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  1. April 20, 2010 7:41 pm

    …um hello, my name is Jackie and I am a Starbuck-aholic. I knew I had a problem when I discussed the merits of naming my son Komodo Dragon, or maybe it was the time the same son was asked “what’s your mommy’s favorite perfume”, and he answered “Starbucks.”

    I am a Starbuck purist. I am “Venti Bold” girl, and your barista followers know who I am.

    My Starbuck OCD is legendary. I am the one who ALWAYS takes the 1/2 & 1/2 back to be refilled (and wait to bring it back). I ALWAYS clean the condiment station to remove the scourge of an indifferent societywho thinks nothing of leaving it polluted, yes, I am the girl who believes that the messy station is a social statement of gigantic proportions.

    But the real source of my addiction is that Starbucks is my first community everyday. At 5 AM, it is the first hello, the first smile, the first cup of coffee.

    Starbucks, i heart you.

  2. April 21, 2010 10:25 am

    Uh..ummm, Let’s see my daughter learned to drink through a straw at Starbucks while I sipped my chai, and though I was unhappy about the Driv-Thru thing at first, I was happy to have my 2 kids strapped in while I sipped my sanity back. The fact that the guys already know all our drinks by heart and that my girls only drink Starbucks hot chocolate is really not my fault!

    • April 21, 2010 11:38 am

      “Sipped your sanity back” – I love that. Not that you needed to, but the fact that it is so true.

  3. May 6, 2010 11:04 am

    Double-tall, extra-hot latte here, aka Cowgirl Chef. Yeah, yeah, maybe there’s better coffee elsewhere, but for the convenience, I’ll pop into the ‘bucks. Here in Paris, the coffee at Starbucks is better than what you find at most cafes (oui, c’est vrai), and cheaper, too…but you want to know why I go, really? They’re just so dang FRIENDLY. Seriously. I get a “Hey, Texas!” from the whole crew when I walk in the door, and they’ve got my coffee started even before I get in line. Heck, most of the time, they motion me to find a table (always the tricky part), and they bring it to me. Now, how many places can you say that about – anywhere in the world?

    I also drink Coke. Not Diet. Not Coca Light, or whatever it’s called wherever you are. Being from Texas, though, I’m really smitten with Dr. Pepper. Straight up, and the diet one, too. I have no explanation for that. I have a Dublin Dr. Pepper in my fridge right now, in fact, that a friend brought to me last month.

    Here, here, I say, to sugary caffeinated goodness!

  4. May 6, 2010 12:00 pm

    I’m with Niri. My life change when a drive-thru Starbucks opened just blocks from my house. But now that my kids are in school all day, I only stop in 2-4 times/month. Try to take away my chocolate, though and I might bite off your hand. ;-)

  5. May 6, 2010 2:35 pm

    @CowGirlChef – I’m with you. I love how friendly my Starbucks baristas are. They know what I like, they help me find new drinks when I want something new. It’s awesome.

    @Kim – There are day, especially on the weekends, when I go two to four times a day.

  6. nolamom permalink
    May 20, 2010 3:20 pm

    Ah, Starbucks. Yes, I too have a dangerous liason with them. When I moved to New Orleans I was surprised that I couldn’t find one conveniently on every corner so I made sure that we lived at a walking distance from one. My first born learned to hild by himself and drink from the tiny sample cups they have there at a very early age, his first sip of water using a straw too. He recognizes the logo so well that everytime we drive by and don’t stop he complains. He really thinks that the water tastes better if it’s in a Starbucks cup so when those plastic cups with a straw came out last year I had to buy it for him.

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