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I Fried Shrimp … and lived to tell the tale

June 24, 2010

If you know me or have heard me complain about my clumsiness, then you know that I don’t necessarily mix so well with the frying of foods.

The Natchitoches Incident is an extreme example. Not only did I manage to get flipping hot grease all over my wrist, I also managed to start a fire on my stovetop that had to be put out before I could tend to my own wounds. Because, you know, I was smart enough to decide to do some deep-frying all by myself.

Not so bright.

Aside from a couple of supervised forays into make schintzel, which requires pan frying, with my parents I haven’t fried much of anything since the Natchitoches Incident.

A couple of weekends ago (aka Red Velvet Cupcake weekend), I decided it was way past time for me to get over my fear of frying and hot-as-Hades grease. 

And I did.

I have no photographic evidence of this venture because I was focused on entertaining my friends instead of taking pictures.  But I promise you…

I fried shrimp. And not just any ol’ shrimp. Heck no!

I made a very deliberate decision to buy shells-on Gulf shrimp. It was my small nod to the difficult Gulf shrimpers and fishers are facing today. Plus, they looked so good sitting on the ice. I couldn’t resist them. The fish counter guy and I also had a quick chat about what I’d be doing with the shells. My plan was to make shrimp stock (and I have – more on that soon) and to use the shrimp stock in an as-yet-to-be-determined dish. (recommendation welcome!)

Anyhow… I’m proud to say I managed to get over my frying qualms. Maybe I’ll tackle a recipe for mini-donuts next.

For those of you interested, I used the Fried Shrimp recipe from Real Cajun. It’s a great recipe that requires that you soak the shrimp in seasoned buttermilk and dredge the shelled shrimp in seasoned flour. Very delicious and, aside from the time required to shell and devein the shrimp, pretty darned easy.

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